Azul Systems Announces Application Performance Guarantees for Java-based Web Portals

Azul Systems today announced a comprehensive program targeted at B2C customers to help accelerate performance by 5X while reducing traditional server footprint by 5X.

Azul’s Compute Appliances technology is designed to easily fit into existing IT infrastructure and provide significant benefits to
Java applications’ runtime environment, overcoming traditional issues relating to data scalability, and multi-threaded¬† pplication performance.
Azul Systems’ proven deployments significantly reduced the number of application instances while delivering 5X increased throughput and up to 10X faster response time consistently.

* 5X improvement in web portal application throughput and concurrency
* 10X reduction in worst case application response time under extreme web loads
* Reduction in host servers by a factor of 5X

The technology platform from Azul Systems brings exclusive values to business-to-consumer (B2C) customers, as it was designed to address key business challenges faced by industry’s leading e-commerce, including:

* Ensuring end-user Web experience with richer media content and more interactive, personalized functionality
* Support significant scalability and throughput improvements with rapidly growing end-user base and highly unpredictable usage patterns
* Keep IT costs and complexity under control while supporting green computing initiatives by reducing power and cooling needs.

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