Java Technology Enables Real-Time Behavior and Throughput in Aeronautics

java RTSSun Microsystems today announced that ITT Corporation has selected the Sun Java(TM) Real-Time System 2.0 (Java RTS) and the Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System (OS) as the software development platform for its Eglin Control and Signal Processing Upgrade (CSPU) program. More information on Sun Java RTS is available at:

“Our comprehensive tests have proven that Sun Java RTS running on Solaris 10 OS meets the real time behavior and throughput requirements for Eglin Space Surveillance Radar,” said Matt Prechtel, ITT’s Software Lead for the project. “We are looking forward to moving to a software platform based on the Real-Time Specification for Java and are actively evaluating Java RTS for other projects. Compliance with this open standard enables us to use off-the-shelf hardware and operating systems plus offering us a lot more flexibility in terms of solution design.”

“We are very excited to see Sun Java RTS and Solaris 10 OS as a core software platform for ITT’s Eglin Space Surveillance Radar project.” said Jeet Kaul, Vice President Client Software Group. “ITT, along with other companies in industries such as aeronautics, industrial control, and robotics, are increasingly looking for standards-based, sustainable solutions that enable excellent predictability and at the same time help reduce their costs. Java RTS is a great choice for these companies since it allows developers to write rigorous real-time controls and run them on the hardware of their choice, at a fraction of the cost – and in days rather than months of development time.”

Sun Java Real-Time System :
Sun Java RTS is the first enterprise-class solution to formally address the issues of latency and unpredictable temporal performance of Java applications and is fully compliant with the industry standard Real-Time Specification for Java and with Java(TM) Platform Standard Edition (Java SE). It enables hard, soft, and non-real-time functions to be combined in one system, while keeping critical latencies as low as 20 microseconds. Using Sun Java RTS, developers can easily differentiate processes based on their importance and precisely determine when time-critical functions should be executed through new, and innovative memory models. Sun Java RTS takes full advantage of real-time capabilities of the Solaris 10 OS and runs on more than 900 standard x86 and SPARC(R) hardware platforms supported by this operating system. The upcoming 2.1 release of Java RTS, (beta version in April), will also be available on leading mainstream real-time Linux distributions from Red Hat and Novell.

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