Java Card 3.0 To Revolutionize Smart Cards

Java CardSun Microsystems and the Java Card Forum today announced the availability of version 3.0 of the award winning Java Card platform specification. This release is the most significant architectural expansion in the dynamic, 10 year history of Java Card technology and a revolutionary step forward for smart card chip manufacturers, smart card vendors, and Java Card platform implementation providers.

“With more than 3.5 billion smart cards shipped to date, Java Card technology is one of the most pervasive computing platforms on Earth,” said Eric Klein, vice president of marketing for Java technology at Sun. “This release makes the Java Card platform a web execution engine, capable of serving up applications and content securely from within nearly any device. It’s hard to imagine a mobile solution that couldn’t be made better, easier to use, or more secure by Java Card technology.”

The new Java Card 3.0 platform specification is available in two separate editions: Java Card Platform v.3.0, Classic Edition and Java Card Platform v.3.0, Connected Edition. Both editions are compatible with applications written for previous versions and can leverage the same security features within the platform specification.

The Java Card Platform v.3.0, Classic Edition is based on an evolution of the existing Java Card Platform, Version 2.2.2 and targets the most resource-constrained devices, such as credit/debit cards and basic SIMs for mobile handsets. The Java Card Platform v.3.0, Connected Edition includes a significantly enhanced execution environment, along with new network-oriented features such as support for web applications. Critical to the Java Card Platform v.3.0, Connected Edition functionality is a new version of the Java Card Virtual Machine – the engine that executes Java Card technology applications. The new Java Card Virtual Machine offers developers the ability to use standard tools and techniques, such as the Java Servlet API to create Java Card 3.0 technology-based applications.

Java Card technology adoption is expanding rapidly with an estimated 1.2 billion units deployed in sectors as diverse as telecommunications, corporate ID and financial services, in 2007 alone. Java Card technology providers in those sectors and others, such as service providers, payment associations and government IT agencies, can now leverage the enhanced security and programmability of Java Card Platform 3.0 to build extraordinary applications such as secure, high-speed web services on smart cards and other embedded consumer formats.

A detailed list of new features and functions for the Java Card Platform 3.0 specification can be found at

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