TGWebServices creating web services for SOAP HTTP-XML and HTTP-JSON

TurboGears founder
Kevin Dangoor has announced the release of TGWebServices, a
multiprotocol web services toolkit for TurboGears. TGWebServices
provides a super simple API for creating web services that are
available via SOAP, HTTP->XML, and HTTP->JSON.

Features of TGWebServices :

* Outputs wrapped document/literal SOAP, which is the most widely
compatible format
* Provides enough type information for statically typed languages to
generate conveniently usable interfaces
* Can output instances of your own classes
* Works with TurboGears 1.0
* MIT license allows for unrestricted use

One of the major features
is, TGWebServices code looks like a normal Python function.

You can easy_install TGWebServices
or can get it from the Python Cheeseshop

If you don’t know much about TurboGears, here’s an
overview. TurboGears
is a Python web application framework consisting of several
underlying components such as MochiKit, SQLObject, CherryPy and Kid.
TurboGears is designed around the MVC (model-view-controller)
architecture, like Struts or Ruby on Rails, designed to make rapid web
application development in Python easier and more maintainable.

TurboGears was created in 2005 by Kevin Dangoor. When he released it as
an open source framework in the end of September 2005, it received more
than 30,000 screencast downloads in the first 3 months! As of Febuary
2007, TurboGears has a large and vibrant community, nearly 3000 users
on the high traffic TurboGears mailing list. Visit
to know more details.

is equivalent to Ruby on Rails!

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