Scripting Languages To Watch Out For

Esther Schindler looks at few “up-and-coming scripting languages that really ought to be on your company’s radar”. The article looks at pros, cons and opinions on Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Lua, F# and Boo.

Below are some key quotes that highlight the benefits of each language. You can read the entire article at ComputerWorld

Scala – “I can match Java in terms of library support, performance and ease of deployment,”

Groovy – “Groovy lets Java developers code in an effective, expressive manner, while maintaining cross-compatibility with legacy Java code,”

Clojure –  “Clojure lets you get more done with less code, which is good for development schedules and maintenance. It’s particularly good at taking advantage of multicore hardware without as much programmer overhead as Java.”

Lua – “The key benefits unique to Lua are the fact that it is amazingly small, fast and on a technical level a masterpiece. Not every project manages to achieve so much with so little of the dreaded ‘bloat.'”

F# – “F# encourages the functional immutable style of programming, which is suitable for writing concurrent and distributed programs that can be easily tested”

Boo – “Boo as a computer language plays well with existing tools (the .Net ecosystem), but it goes further by allowing developers unprecedented power in developing their own language tooling.”


Scripting languages your developers wish you’d let them use

Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Lua, F# , Boo, Factor, Rebol, Lisp


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