WebSocket , SOA and Mock Objects talks on Day 1 Of Conference

After the inaugural address from Dr. Natarajan and the keynote from Dr. Anand Deshpande at the 3rd IndicThreads.com Conference On Java, started the technical sessions. First up was Sidda Eraiah speaking on “Future of the Internet”. He talked about HTML 5, Web Sockets, Java and Comet. He showed it with the help of a game demo. He answered the concerns as to why there is a need for WebSocket driven Rich Internet Applications. He insisted on the need for real time data, web application architecture, polling and streaming method of data transfer. He gave a brief outline about the specifications of HTML 5 and web sockets.

Mr. Ramesh Loganathan talked about The SOA Promise and getting events and web 2.0 into SOA solutions and the fact that SOA is clearly past the hype curve into more serious adoptions beyond the exploration. Blaming the SOA “enablers” he said that the whole SOA infrastructure has been made unduly complex – in most cases just a simple workflow engine is enough for most of the SOA implementations. According to him, SOA is getting too complex and REST is an example of 80/20 application of SOA.

His suggestions came in the form of suggestion to build events into the SOA processes.

According to him, event infrastructure in SOA is the “link” and there is a need of solid new form of computing which he termed as Event Stream Computing.

Hence ED-SOA (Event Driven SOA) which is an architecture that enables real time intelligences for real time business operations is the future. SOA to raise and consume events to be eventually consumed by BAM dashboards. Application integration can be optimized by events.

Ramesh Loganathan rightly said “Virtualization introduces more opportunities and challenges”.

Commenting on Software as a Service(SAAS) he said “Buying and installing a new hardware box for each new client is a valid option for SAAS”

He also mentioned the possibility of the  integration of SOA and Cloud Computing, saying that it doesn’t matter from SOA perspective as the providers & Consumers on the cloud using elastic services i.e. federated services in the SAAS cloud.

Nik Jones who arrived from Australasia to speak about “Spring 2.5: Enhanced Productivity and Production Power” started his talk with the question “Why Spring” and sighted the reasons as Boilerplate code (JDBC), Leaky abstractions (tech specific exceptions in biz layer), Code intrusion.(seeking other objects). Spring focuses on DRY SOCS – Dont Repeat Yourself / Separation of Concerns giving programmers the dry and fuzzy feeling :). Adding to it, Spring delivers DI + Enterprise Service Abstractions + AOP into simple java objects.

The final session was taken by Paulo Caroli & Sneha Jha from ThoughtWorks where they spoke about “Mock Objects In Action” he told how based it is based on Test Driven Development, hence the focus is on interaction-based testing. Talking about the situation as to when to use the Mock Objects for testing, he gave a demonstration of JMock, Mockito, EasyMock.

— By Varun Arora


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