Dynamic Languages, Cloud Computing & Mobile Software Rise In Asia

The EvansData APAC Development Survey 2008, v2 shows that 88% of developers use some dynamic language some of the time and over 40% use one more than half of the time. Javascript is by far the most widely used dynamic language, although 45% of developers in Asia who use dynamic languages now use PHP in some of their projects. Perl is expected to decline and use of Actionscript, the basis for Flash development, will increase.

“Software developers are always looking for ways to shed unneeded complexity and outdated methodologies and move to approaches that make programming simpler and faster especially as more and more development is web-centric,” said John Andrews, President and CEO of Evans Data. “The high use of dynamic languages in Asia Pacific is consistent with the high concentration of web application development being conducted in that region.”

Other highlights of this survey of over 400 software developers in the Asia-Pacific region include:

· Cloud computing is on the rise, with over one in five Asian developers planning to launch cloud projects within the next 6 months.

· Sixty percent of developers in the Asia region expect their development for mobile devices to increase

· Intel dominates the development market with more than twice as many developers targeting the Intel processors as AMD processors.


* APAC Development Survey 2008, v2

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