Mobile Software Development To Grow Despite Global Slowdown

As per a recent study by Evans Data, despite economic turbulence, 94% of corporate developers expect the development of wireless enterprise applications to either increase (47.6%) or stay the same (46.4%) in the coming year, with the strongest expectations for growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Only 6% of developers expect development efforts to decrease. Additionally, amongst commercial developers, two-thirds expect the average revenue per user to increase in 2009.

“These results continue to support significant opportunity within the mobile application development segment for both the corporate enterprise and commercially focused developer,” stated John Andrews, President and CEO of Evans Data Corp. “Furthermore, mobile developers are beginning to understand that mobile development is now a commercially driven endeavor rather than just technological capability and performance with more than half emphasizing market understanding and marketing skills as key elements to their success.”

When selecting a wireless platform to target, money was the most important consideration by far, with revenue potential cited by a quarter of the developers and 21% identifying bigger marketing opportunities. By contrast, only 15% said platform openness was the most important consideration.

Other highlights of this biannual survey series, include:

* Forty percent more developers plan to target Windows Mobile than Apple iPhone, and 46% more plan to target .Net (compact framework) than Google’s Android platform.
* SOAP/XML RPC is currently being used by twice as many wireless developers as REST.
* Forty percent of wireless development projects take 3 to 6 months to complete, and 60 percent are completed in less than 6 months.

Reference – Evans Data

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