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On seeing that JBoss Application Server 4.0 has been released, I went over to the JBoss site at http://jboss.org and happened to check out the Online Education section on the site. This section lists past and upcoming webinars on many topics related to JBoss and these should be useful to anyody working with JBoss, JBossCache, JBoss Nukes Portal, etc. There are also some webinars that aren’t specific to JBoss but discuss issues like EJB3 and Aspect Oriented Programming.

Make note of a particularly intersting webinar that is coming up shortly:
Legalities of Open Source Software and the LGPL on Oct 27th 2004.

Open source licences is an intersting and confusing topic. Apache, GPL, LGPL,…so many licences to worry about.
I have added these webinar events to the IndiaJ2EE events list. Before u get worried about having to pay big dollars for these events, let me inform u that all these web seminars or webinars are free. You just have to fill up a questionnaire. Another thing to note is that for these webinars, JBoss is using the WebEx service. You might have noticed WebEx ads in various Indian magazines.

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