The Best of both worlds .NET and J2EE

What’s better, J2EE or .NET?? What should we pick J2EE or .NET???

These two question seem to come up at an almost annoying frequency. However in the real world, most companies seem to be compelled to work with both .NET and J2EE. It could be some unavoidable factors or whatever but there’s no denying that at least for the time being, companies have to live with both J2EE and .NET.

So if u have to use both, u are better off if u at least knew how to get them working together and how to get the best out of both the J2EE and .NET teams.
Check out this webinar that deals with this very subject.
“The Best of both worlds .NET and J2EE”
Experts from Gartner and Mainsoft speak about how u can empower your .NET and Java teams to work together.

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