1st Day: JBoss Advanced Training

It was a very eventful day at the Le Meridien in Bangalore. There were 20+ participants from various companies (one participant from Hong Kong and one from Singapore). There were a few from Pune. The rest were from Bangalore. 

Collectively, we set the expectations straight for the 4 day training. The experience level of attendees varied from beginner to internediate (wrt JBoss) and intermediate to expert (wrt J2EE).  

Lunch at Le Meridien was excellent (large variety). Over the course of 4 days, we will have a look at Jmx, Security, Clustering, Web Services, JMS, Persistence and other advanced topics in JBoss. 
All technical stuff => no mktg fluff.

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  • November 24, 2004 at 10:59 pm

    Here is a short list of things i found to be thought provoking.

    1.Learning how to create a service MBean and deploy it in JBoss.
    This was fairly straightforward as one just had to create a serviceMBean and implement it.
    The implementation extended ServiceMBeanSupport which implements the basic life cycle management of your custom service.

    2.JBoss booting process and how jboss starts up.This involved a code walkthrough to understand how the initially JBoss is nothing but an MBeanServer.

    3.Stripping down Jboss configuration to load only what you need.This was detailed description of all the configuration files and how they can be removed.

    4.J2ee Transactional assembly.This was mostly pure j2ee stuff but lot of great diagrams to illustrate the concepts.

    And off course the JBoss architecture overview was really helpful to get the big picture.


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