The state of America IT scene – a indication of things to come for India ?

I was just reading this article titled "Half of US IT operation jobs to vanish"
which quotes a gartner report on how the 50% of US IT jobs could
dissappear over the next two decades as a result of improvement in
operational automation softwares.

It also says that IT workers will face a situation similiar to the manufacturing workers who lost their jobs as the factory automation got better with time. According to the report, jobs like incident reponse, system administration and change management account for upto 55% of IT costs. As tools and automation softwares get better by the day – companies will look to become most cost effective by cutting down on the jobss in these areas.

I was just wondering, could this also be an indication of things to come for India as well? Quite interestingly the report says that, as usual, the most affected will be the ground level employees.

However, i believe that with IT workers who are faced with changing scenarios everyday – being multi-skilled is almost a way of life. In nature a specialised plant/animal faces the danger of extinction when the specialised surrounding is threatened while the adaptive ones just adjust to the change and survive. It seems the only way to stay safe is to be multi-skilled.