IBM embracing PHP…

Ibm is joining hands with zend to accelerate open source momentum.

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The CNET articles states something interesting
"One industry executive who requested not to be named said that IBM’s
push into PHP and scripting reflects IBM’s disillusionment with the
Java standardization process and the industry’s inability to make Java
very easy to use.
IBM’s been so fed up with Java that they’ve been looking for
alternatives for years," the executive said." They want people to build
applications quickly that tap into IBM back-ends…and with Java, it
just isn’t happening."

The anonymous person is seriously disillusioned. IBM is making a better
fortune out of java than sun i believe. Also PHP and J2EE are not
competing technologies. Being a person who has coded php for quite some
time I’ve come across the limitations of a scripting language to
develop enterprise systems. The IBM developer’s section for php
has in its list a project named "Access an enterprise application from
a PHP script" – which i believe explains the role php might have. PHP
is good for small and medium sized applications and even for bespoke
apps to integrate with large enterprise apps using web services.

I think the CNET article might have prompted IBM to clear its stand
"We’re Not Dissatisfied With Java" Says IBM As It Steps Up Support for
PHP . IBM Remains "Completely Committed" to Java, Spokesman Insists.

Zend have been trying to impress the enterprise community with its products like "Zend Platform"
which has Java PHP coexistence by PHP/Java Integration Bridge. Also IBM has been trying to popularize
it cloudscape database [which will benefit DB2 obviously] The new
agreement between both of them to come up with "Zend Core for IBM" will
definitely help php.

A well wishing observer.

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  • May 16, 2005 at 4:32 pm

    well, i believe that ibm has all the rights to be disappointed by java. instead of being a sales booster, java proves a very useful tool for greatly going over budgets and not met milestones. dont get me wrong, i strongly believe that once uppon a time java was a briliant idea. But from that idea to what we face today, there is a cosmic difference. Beyond nice architectural talks every vendor faces the increasing threat of Microsoft’s server platform. It is quite normal for IBM to look for an easy to develop platform. It would be plain stupid for them to be ‘completely commited to java’, as this strategy doesn’t make them terribly profitable.

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