10 favorite books at BookPool.com

BookPool.com is featuring my list of favorite books at Harshad Oak’s 10 Favorite Books. The link appears on the BookPool.com homepage, so I guess the list must
be pretty well read…

It took some time and effort to remember the books
I have read and then to decide which 10 books were my favorite. I hope
the list has been of some help to book enthusiasts / buyers.

I have spent so much time with Java over the past few years, most of
the books I could remember were Java related. Compiling the list made me realize that I am reading too much of Java related stuff and
should venture more into other technologies.

Lately, the web has become
the primary source of knowledge and information for most developers, me included.
However even today, to really learn a new technology, nothing beats a good book. Web pages rarely hold my attention for more than a minute or two. I guess technology books are down but not out.

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  • August 14, 2007 at 4:57 am

    Hi Harshad

    It is gr8 article, thx for the efforts.

    2 thing i wanna add.

    1. We Indians dont say ‘Indians’ in US, because ‘Indians’ means Red Indians i.e. Native US ppl. We say Asian Indian.

    2. If some1 want vegetarian he should say Veg. with fish oil and meat. This is actully ‘veg.’ that we India understand.

    The article is just suprb.

    Harshad, this really need a dedicated web-site or blog. So that not only Indians visiting US and post their comments and ecperiences but ALSO US ppl reading this may correct or tell if why that went wrond and give some corrective measures.

    Many thx for the article again.

    please keep posting similar stuff.

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