Java Interview Questions

The tech job market is very
active these days, particularly in the developing world. Techies seem to be jumping jobs left, right and center.

Naturally the most discussed topics in developer circles are jobs and job interview questions.

During discussions with a few developer friends, we came up with this idea of creating a databank of frequently asked
interview questions (FAQs).

easy way to create this interview questions databank, is to ask as many
people as possible to share the questions they were asked or the
questions that they asked.

If you wish to share Java Interview Question/s, please
add a comment to this particular item.

Please copy paste the following format and add your comment.
We will later compile all data into any easy to use format, mostly an
Excel sheet.

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(Update: Aug 06) – Comments over the past year suggest that in Java questions 1) Interfaces 2) Abstract classes are easily the most popular topics. While for web applications questions related to request, session and application scopes are popular.

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  • lavanya

    i like to find diff. type of que.


    Experience:1 year

  • Content Team

    good but if everybody explains ans it l be really good


    yes good site……..but it will be more good if answers are present

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    very good.but i need some question in collection and struts


    can u plzzzzzzzzzz send me the standard struts & hibernate faq question and answers?


    Everything is good


    can u plzzzzzzzzzz send me the standard java faq question and answers?

  • Tasneem Ali

    WEB SERVER: Web server handles HTTP protocol. Wen web server recieves an HTTP request, it responds with an HTTP response, such as sending back HTML page.

    APPLICATION SERVER: An Application server exposes business logic to client application through various protocols, possibly including HTTP . It can include GUI (Graphical Use Interface)

  • rajiv/parthasarathi.mohanty@re

    Can any body clear my doubt regarding diffrence between web server and application server,with two example .

  • rajiv/parthasarathi.mohanty@re

    Realy the qusetions in this site are very helpfull for interviews.thanks to all co-ordinator of this site.


    ask java/j2ee related question.. i will give ur answer.


    yes it is really good site i hope people will enjoy it will also getthere question’s answer.


    Please help me ……What are the JAVA real time questions and answers asked in JAVA during interview?


    Very Good site.

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    Hi Friends,
    please tell me from where I can get all questions’ answers which are listed above.


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    Hi all, this is good site to discussion but you should leave your experience means answers also so that people can get answers also.

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    answers pls