How to become an outstanding software developer?

Are you interested in pursuing “something in computer science” as a career ? Knowing the basics is essential to any developer, top-notch or otherwise. Here are the factors that I feel are critical to being a quality software developer.

* Constantly update your IT IQ :
How much natural ability you have, hardly matters unless you constantly update your IT IQ. You will never realize your potential unless you update yourself. Choosing skills updates is the most important.
Just to get a well-rounded IT education is not sufficient. Join a user group and stay in touch with emerging technologies. You should be up to speed with all the latest theories on software development.

* Develop a strong grasp of OOP principles :
The best programmers break problems down step-by-step. This approach is conducive to individual code reuse and sharing vital resources with peers. The same problem should never be solved twice.
Develop a strong grasp of OOP principles, such as inheritance.

* Understand the business objectives :
No solution is effective unless it meets business objectives. Budgets, resources, and schedules play an integral role in the development of the solution. Use the mantra “Cheaper, faster, better”â

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    please can help me

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  • August 31, 2005 at 1:35 pm

    copyright folding is a good idea. 100s of lines of copyright surely are irritating. I don’t think any other IDE has this feature.

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