OpenWorld Day 2-3: BPEL, Fusion and JDeveloper

The X-treme weekend workshop sessions were a shade disappointing as the instructors in most cases just have a 20 min intro, provide some lab assignments and after that only come in if you get stuck. The sessions were lacking on explanations and hand holding for new users.

My significant learning for Sunday was related to Oracle’s BPEL tools. The tools are good. The BPEL designer can help you visually create the BPEL xml files. The designer integrates well with JDeveloper but is supposed to work on Eclipse as well as JDeveloper. If you have used the Struts designer in JDeveloper, the BPEL thing is very similar.

There was a welcome party later in the day. As happens so often in the US, good vegetarian food was missing. Anyway, the real action at the conference begins on Monday, with 100s of sessions and 1000s of people coming in.

Monday 19th Sep – More BPEL, Fusion and JDeveloper

Monday morning was crazy. Oracle and Openworld seemed to have taken over San Francisco. With over 30,000 people expected to turn up at OpenWorld, even the huge Moscone center and the streets in the area all seem insufficient. I am told that there not a single room available in any hotel in SF!

Monday’s keynote by Charles Philips spent a lot of time on what’s the Fusion middleware. He also got customers and ISVs like Infosys on stage to tell the audience more on why they have adopted Fusion Middleware. I find these customer comments rather strange as customers would obviously have good things to say at Oracle Openworld.

As for ISV stories on Fusion Middleware adoption, again it was strange that even when an overwhelming majority of people at OpenWorld did not even know what Fusion Middleware was and it apparently has been launched only recently, yet Oracle presented customers who are using Fusion middleware for a long time and had great stories to tell. Isn’t Fusion Middleware a new thing?

As for sessions, all sessions on Business intelligence seem to be over registered. The BPEL, JDeveloper and application server sessions I attended today had lots of info on Oracle’s vision and products. BPEL looks promising and Oracle is pushing SOA using BPEL in a big way. JDeveloper has got even better and I am told there’s been a new release today.

>> New release of Oracle JDeveloper offers many new features
>> JDeveloper is the most comprehensive Java IDE available.
>> Expect JDeveloper to grow at an Unexpected pace

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