Efficient J2EE development using Jakarta Commons

Jakarta Commons are easily reusable components that can quickly be put to good use in any server-side Java development undertaking. In fact, components are not big applications, but sleek code bits that perform specific tasks very well. The book Pro Jakarta Commons provides much-needed documentation and usage information about the popular sub-projects forming Jakarta Commons.

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From the back of the book:
"The author does a great job of surveying the Jakarta Commons components and showing how each solves real problems. An enjoyable read with lots of easy to understand examples."
–Floyd Marinescu, creator of TheServerSide.com and author of EJB Design Patterns


"From Lang to Net, BeanUtils to Collections, this book provides a real way in to the breadth and depth of Jakarta Commons. The many examples and step-by-step guides should help everyone get the best from these libraries."
–Stephen Colebourne, committer at Jakarta Commons and creator of Joda open-source libraries

"This book is by far the best resource available on Jakarta Commons and covers the subject matter clearly."
–James McGovern, coauthor of the best-selling book A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture

Articles on TheServerSide.com that are based on the contents of the book:

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