Python is “cleaned-up Java”

IndicThreads reported some time back about how Python was growing and it even was making its presence felt in the enterprise market.

This interview with David Ascher, a director of the Python Software Foundation, gives you a quick look at where Python stands today.

David talks about Python’s growing reach in the mobile market. He also says that Python is not only a fun langauge to work with but it is now very much a mainstream language like Java. He tells us that Python is even referred to as a “cleaned-up Java”.

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  • tom

    actually, C# is cleaned up java, not python. Python is a mess

  • Noname

    Python is by far my favourite programming language. What I love the best is the easy with wich you can refactor code and data schemas. Changing from list to dictionaries or embedding lists/dictionaries/tuples into lists/dictionaries/tuples. That’s just not possible with Java or C# or VB or Perl and hardly difficult with Ruby and others.

    My first contact why Python was when I read it was a ‘pseudomodeling’ language. I tried it and a few days later I felt myself much more confortable modeling with Python than using UML graphics tools.

    A time later I got so used to it that I dropped my graphical spreedsheet that started to look ‘hard’ and ‘unfriendly’ when compared to python list and list comprehensions.

    Then I discovered who much easier it was to make small database apps replacing Access with a combination of Python+GadflySQL+webware.

    Then I discored sympy, pil, reportLab, …

    Now my entire office runs with Plone (Python+Zope), the most exciting software I have met in many years. A full CMS with embbeded Object Oriented Database, fancy CSS2+web frontend, strong security -roll based-, easy to install and admin -even in its clustered configuration-, workflows, asthonishing search engine,…

    And now Python is everywhere around in my life!!!

    There is just one thing I miss of Python: Not having met it a few years ago.

    A million Thanks to Guido and all the Python community!!!

  • Noname

    Ruby is head and tails above Python design-wise. Python hasn’t changed in years.

  • Noname

    perl has it’s charm and i still use it occasionally to bang out quick one-liners. but i look at code i wrote 2 years ago with perl and sometimes i’m completely stumped at what it does (or is supposed to do). At least when using PHP, Python or Java, i can look at my own code from the past and get a rough idea of its purpose.

  • Noname

    I cringe and feel queasy every time I read a PHP app…I can’t imagine anyone with a clue (experience coding in multiple languages) arguing that Python is messier than PHP. Python may be easier to read (cleaner) than Java, but I do think Java is still preferrable in some environments, despite the loss of productivity. Heck, even the average Perl app is an order of magnitude cleaner than PHP 😛

  • Noname

    Python is a mess compared to Ruby or PHP, you say? Would you care to elaborate on what exactly makes it so messy?

  • Noname

    > Even compared to Ruby, or even PHP, Python looks like a mess!
    Try learning Python before you spout such senseless statements

  • Noname

    Java was criticised for being too slow back in 1996. It was argued at the time that the performance bottle neck was most often not a language issue but one of data access lag. It was true, run-time performance quickly became a non-issue.

    I think that pretty soon the dynamic languages will triumph in the marketplace because developing and maintaining software takes too long, right now. That means it is unnecessarily expensive, even in with low tax developing economy coders.

    I suspect that professionals are not exactly enjoying trying to deliver new systems with ‘bondage and discipline programming languages’. And when experts are finally allowed to exercise their choice in the matter they will choose open source and dynamic alternatives to the current mainstream options.


  • Noname

    The actual quote was, ‘Some people refer to Python as a ‘cleaned-up Java,’ or a ‘readable Perl.” Obviously this isn’t literally the case; Python predates Java by a year or two.

  • Noname

    Buddy, if Python looks like a mess to you, you should look again.
    You can do in two lines of Python what requires 6 lines in Java, with no parenthsis, curly braces or semicolons cluttering its syntax.
    It is easy, readable, beatiful, succinct, powerful and to the point.

  • Noname

    Very True, The way python,PHP,Ruby are growing, they are the real threat to Java.

  • Noname

    Even compared to Ruby, or even PHP, Python looks like a mess!

  • Noname

    it’s sure… python will kill java…

  • Noname

    What part of Java has been cleaned in Python?

  • Noname

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