Eclipse based SpringSource Tool Suite 2.0 Released

SpringSource today released SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) 2.0, environment for building Spring-powered Java applications. Developers rely on STS as an Eclipse-based platform that speeds development, dictates best practices and assists with solving runtime problems while creating applications.

STS 2.0 introduces new features and enhancements, including Project Creation Wizards, a rich forms-based Spring Configuration Editor, Spring Configuration Auto-Discovery, Quick Fixes and Quick Assist, Bean Creation Wizards, Namespace Configuration Dialog and many other visual tools. These enhancements create new efficiencies for application development; solidifying STS as the most effective solution for building enterprise Spring applications.

Also included in this release are new tools that help visualize, package and deploy truly modular applications onto SpringSource dm Server – the industry’s only application server built from the ground up to support OSGi-based applications. STS 2.0 provides an OSGi console, graphical bundle overview page, visual dependency graph and the ability to test dependencies and specify bundle deployment order.

“SpringSource is a significant innovator in enterprise Java, and we are appreciative of their contributions and involvement in the Eclipse community,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of Eclipse. “It is exciting to see SpringSource products that utilize Eclipse projects for both development tools and the application runtime.”

Many enterprises are awash in complex, heavyweight and inflexible application infrastructure that clogs the application lifecycle – significantly impacting the ability to deliver solutions in a timely manner. STS 2.0 is a key element within SpringSource’s product line, which streamlines how companies build, run and manage Java applications.

“Businesses are aggressively looking for ways to increase productivity, and decrease cost and complexity across the application lifecycle,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management for SpringSource. “SpringSource Tool Suite provides highly effective productivity tools for building Spring applications that run on application server platforms from SpringSource, IBM, Oracle and JBoss. STS also leads the charge with tools that target lean runtime environments promoting modularity, such as the OSGi-based SpringSource dm Server.”

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