TestQuest Collaboration Server Enables Test Automation Across Geographies

BSQUARE Corp. today launched the TestQuest Collaboration Server which enables mobile application developers, silicon vendors and device manufacturers to develop and deploy test automation across multiple geographies. Users can now launch tests around the world from a single location and monitor the results through a comprehensive web-based reporting system.

Whether validating an application in a specific network or comparing the performance of devices in networks across different regions, TestQuest Collaboration Server brings distributed quality assurance teams together for increased productivity and accelerated time to market.

“In the midst of this economic slowdown, the major silicon vendors are leveraging automation tools to gain a competitive edge. In addition to cost savings delivered by test automation, our customers are now saving even more by enabling coordination and use of test assets globally while leveraging resources worldwide,” said Raj Khera, BSQUARE’s Vice President of Products. “As the global economy improves, these technology leaders will be better positioned to compete with high quality products and cost savings using our suite of automated testing tools.”

Customers can leverage the latest features within TestQuest Collaboration Server’s Adaptive Test Case Methodology framework to reduce the time it takes to automate testing of new handsets by more than 90%. Tests that previously took months can now be done in days demonstrating that TestQuest Collaboration Server leads the way for product realization in the mobile industry.

TestQuest Collaboration Server includes support for BlackBerry devices running software version 4.3 or higher, further extending its comprehensive native support for devices including Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian, BREW, Mobile Test Connectivity and UTS.

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