EJBs & Application Servers Are Dead Technologies?

The Spring framework emerged as a lightweight alternative to EJBs and heavy application servers and has been consistently growing in popularity. Spring creator Rod Johnson in a recent keynote has suggested that Java app servers are a dead technology.

You can add the venerable Java application server to the growing list of purported ‘dead technologies,’ suggests Rod Johnson, creator of the Spring Framework.The standard, multipurpose, somewhat heavy-weight Java application server, he says, is giving way to light-weight frameworks….

“The Java application server is effectively dead. The monolithic application server is not in step with the times…”

For the Java app server platform, “the recession was the final blow,” he said. “In a recession people will not pay for features they don’t need…

EJBs and application servers have changed a lot since Spring first came on to the scene. Are the slimmer lighter new EJBs still no good as compared to Spring? Are EJBs and the Java Application server really dead / dying?