JBoss Developer Studio 2.0 Released – Develop & Deploy Enterprise Apps Fast

JBoss Developer Studio 2.0 – Portfolio Edition is now available. The development environment not only enhances the Eclipse-based toolset, but also adds JBoss Enterprise Application, Portal, SOA and Data Services Platforms. It builds on Eclipse – Java developer toolset and includes a set of tools developers need to quickly develop highly interactive applications and services using technologies like Seam, Java EE, AJAX and Portlets as part of standards-based Service Oriented Architectures.

“We launched JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition to provide developers not only with outstanding development tools, but also with an easily accessible way to begin enterprise development projects on the exact same code that is in our supported JBoss Enterprise Middleware Platforms,” said Craig Muzilla, vice president of Red Hat’s middleware business. “This strategy is expected to enable customers to make a seamless transition from development into production.”

JBoss Developer Studio – Portfolio Edition can help reduce the the time between development and deployment by including and supporting the full portfolio of JBoss Enterprise runtimes and tools:

  • JBoss Developer Studio 2.0
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • JBoss SOA Platform
  • JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform
  • JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
  • JBoss Operations Network
  • OpenJDK
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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