SpringSource Launches University For Spring, Tomcat, Groovy, Grails Learning

SpringSource has introduced the SpringSource University, which offers training paths for Java development tools and platforms, including Spring, Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTPD, Groovy, Grails, and SpringSource’s commercial product offerings.

“As part of its leadership role within the Java community, SpringSource has invested in training since we founded the company,” said Steven Schuurman, senior vice president of service delivery for SpringSource. “We have trained thousands of people across six continents and well over 40 countries. From these experiences, we designed and built SpringSource University from the ground up to provide a streamlined and comprehensive training process for customers, developers and IT professionals alike.”

SpringSource University students can earn Spring certification. Participants are benchmarked to measure proficiency in Spring technologies, resulting in immediate recognition, an advantage in today’s job market. SpringSource University offers three levels of certification including: Certified Spring Professional, Certified Web Specialist and Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist.

For more information or to find a course, visit http://www.springsource.com/training.

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