Is Java The Language For The Future?

This discussion looks at the changes Java has undergone and is likely to undergo in the near future. Do these changes make Java ready for the future? Will Java continue to be a dominant force or will the emergence of scripting languages shift the balance?

Does Java have what it takes for developing Web 2+ applications? Will changing business needs force traditional Java software development to make way for a newer breed of rapid development languages, tools, frameworks and techniques?

Panelist (l to r) –

  1. D J Patil – Chief Scientist, Linkedin
  2. Atul Kahate, Head Technology Practice, Oracle Financial Software Services (Formerly i-flex Solutions)
  3. Dhananjay Nene – Architect, Former CTO of Cashtech

This panel discussion was held at the 3rd Conference On Java Technology held in Pune, India.

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