Embarcadero Releases JBuilder Java IDE 2008 R2

Embarcadero Technologies has released the latest update to JBuilder Java IDE. Built on the latest Eclipse framework, JBuilder 2008 R2 claims to boost developer productivity, application performance, and code quality with advanced features and updated support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers.

Incorporating functionality from the recently introduced Embarcadero J Optimizer, JBuilder 2008 R2 includes the ability to profile the performance behavior of Java EE application code across common Java EE components such as JDBC, RMI, JSP, JNDI, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), JMS and Web service protocol containers. Java developers can quickly and easily profile, analyze, and locate memory and CPU bottlenecks in their code all from within the JBuilder IDE.

JBuilder 2008 R2 provides the tools and capabilities that enable developers to model, build, test, deploy and maintain their applications within a single environment.

JBuilder 2008 R2 introduces several new features that improve usability and developer productivity while streamlining common operations within the IDE. The latest version expands on the core Java functionality provided by the Eclipse 3.4.1 open source framework and Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.0. Highlights of new JBuilder 2008 R2 features include:
• Optimized modeling features for large projects using smart filters
• Ability to optimize and tune IDE performance through fine grained customization
• Ability to enable Java modeling for any Eclipse Java project directly from the Package Explorer
• Generation of EJB Test Client for EJB 2.x and EJB 3.0 Session Beans
• DTO/Session Facade and Client Generation for EJB 2.x and EJB 3.0 Entity Beans
• Ability to tag resources in all Java projects in a workspace

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