Career In Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance

Careers in Software Testing” article looks at taking up software quality assurance and software testing as a career option.
The authors take a look at the qualifications and skillset
required, the pay packets on offer and trends in testing. They say

Software testing has broken free from the shackles of being just a part of software development process to a full fledged industry domain. If you have the ability to think out-of-the-box, can look at a situation from zillion different angles, can withstand work related stress and crack an application using stress tests then you can look at this domain as a sound career option. It not only provides tremendous opportunities for career growth but also decent remuneration

The article refers to quotes from various software quality experts, A couple of those quotes say

The demand for niche skills like SOA testers are on the rise. Also, there are lot of avenues in test automation areas – scripting skills in the tools languages like VB, Java and other scripting languages like Perl, Shell, Python etc. Technical resources with capabilities to evaluate automation tools, create automation framework and reusable components are in demand.

Unlike developers, testers are expected to know everything about the product and application. Therefore, testers can even become a domain specialist, or a business analyst or even a product manager.

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