Ajax Security & Best Practices

Ajax Atul KahateAjax is perhaps the best known RIA technology today. While several implementations of Ajax have arrived, and many software projects involve the use of Ajax; there is still a lack of consistency in the approach and usage of Ajax. There is also a significant confusion regarding which Ajax toolkit should be used, and how?

There are also issues pertaining to performance of Ajax-based applications. Should one go for plain vanilla Ajax implementations, or choose a toolkit? What are the implications? Security of Web-based applications is a problem as it is. With the introduction of Ajax, the implications of front-end attacks are manifold. What precautions are necessary to take to tackle these issues?

The session covers all these issues and suggested best practices. It does not talk of any specific product or vendor, but instead looks at these issues from a neutral point of view.


Atul Kahate is Head – Technology Practice, Oracle Financial Services Consulting (formerly i-flex solutions limited). He has authored 16 books on Information Technology, 2 on cricket, and over 1500 articles on both of these in various newspapers/journals. His site can be visited at www.atulkahate.com.

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