Cloud Computing For Software Developers

Dustin Amrhein in his article “Should Developers Care About Cloud Computing?” on SysCon talks of why cloud computing matters to software developers and the changes that developers need to make so as to best utilize cloud computing.

In the article he says –

The effects of cloud computing on developers are probably most palpable in the platform services layer. This is where we find platforms like the Google App Engine,, etc. hosted in the cloud. If an organization chooses to go the route of a cloud-hosted platform, developers need to get up to speed on the layout of that platform including the APIs offered and the application deployment and packaging strategy…

Cloud computing is here and developers need to be ready. If you are an enterprise developer whose organization is looking to cloud computing solutions be proactive. Research the different layers of the cloud your company is interested in, understand the impacts to you and your job, and voice your opinion about the direction that should be taken…

As yet few organizations and developers have truly felt the effects of cloud computing. However¬† it looks like it’s time for developers to take a serious look at the cloud and upgrade their skills accordingly.

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