Java Store & Java Warehouse Open At JavaOne!

Sun CEO, Jonathan Schwartz had talked of an Apple like Java App Store a few days back. The store has become a reality, a lot sooner than expected. The Java Store is meant to be the best online destination for interesting, useful and entertaining Java software applications.

What is the Java Store?

The Java Store is a consumer facing application that establishes a powerful distribution channel for developers who wish to directly connect with the more than 800 million worldwide desktop Java users. Sun announced that a private beta program for the Java Store has already begun and will open for all US based Java

How do I get my application into the Java Store?

Developers can visit the Java Warehouse Developer portal to register and start submitting applications for distribution through the Java Store.

What is the Java Warehouse?

The Java Warehouse is the central repository for Java and JavaFX applications submitted for distribution through multiple storefronts including the Java Store. The Java Warehouse manages developer registration, application submission, content management, provisioning, and settlement, enabling developers to focus on creating Java applications and soon making money from the sales of these applications.

src – java store faq

Sun has currently opened a Private Beta Program for consumers to try out the Java Store and provide feedback. It’s a pity that the program is open only to U.S. residents.

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