Enhanced Web Load Testing & Test Recorder for RIA In The New Gomez Platform

Gomez has announced a major platform-wide upgrade, simultaneously releasing integrated enhancements to its Web load testing, Web performance management, and Web cross-browser testing solutions for optimizing Web and mobile applications.

This upgrade includes new technology to test Rich Internet Application (RIA) transactions, an expanded family of multi-browser testing agents that precisely measure Web performance for different browsers, and an innovative new diagnostics dashboard that reduces the time to discover the root cause of a performance issue.

Gomez’s platform-wide upgrade includes:

  • The new Gomez Recorder, which dramatically simplifies the creation and maintenance of test scripts for complex Web transactions, including multi-step RIA transactions that happen within a single Web page. Gomez’s new recorder automatically detects and captures the performance metrics of each asynchronous transaction, enabling businesses to measure and optimize the performance of each step in an RIA transaction.
  • An expanded family of multi-browser testing agents that reveal granular data about how Web applications perform in different browsers. Initially available for Internet Explorer and Firefox (in beta), Gomez’s new testing agents help businesses optimize Web application performance for each browser their customers use.
  • Integrated solutions for testing and monitoring mobile Web sites, applications and SMS services. By adding mobile capabilities to the entire Gomez platform, organizations have a unified view of the performance of both their fixed and mobile Web applications, with the unique ability to identify, diagnose, prioritize and resolve performance issues, whether they are specific to the mobile Web or the “traditional” Web, or common to both.
  • Gomez’s on-demand Web load testing solution has been enhanced with increased high-volume, cloud-generated load combined with real-world load from Gomez’s recently expanded global Last Mile(TM) network of over 100,000 consumer-grade desktop computers. With this extra capacity and reach, Gomez’s solution most accurately reveals the impact of peak loads on response times for end-users in different geographies and with varying connection speeds, helping businesses make adjustments and launch new Web applications with confidence.
  • A new, integrated diagnostics dashboard that aggregates test information across the entire Gomez customer base and global testing network. This helps a customer diagnose if a performance issue is specific to them or shared by others, and whether the problem is due to their infrastructure, a vendor, or the Internet in general. Providing this extra layer of insight helps businesses more accurately focus their troubleshooting efforts and resolve issues, before end-users are impacted.
  • Expansion of Gomez’s automated cross-browser testing solution to support 5,000 mobile devices, in addition to major smartphones, and 500+ combinations of standard browsers, devices and screen sizes. The solution saves Web developers time and money by automating the testing of entire mobile and Web applications to ensure that content renders and performs correctly.

“End-users expect Web and mobile applications to be richer and faster; a double conundrum for the developers that build them, the IT operations teams that manage them, and the e-business executives that depend on them for revenue and brand building,” said Jaime Ellertson, Gomez’s CEO. “The upgrades to the Gomez platform provide businesses with the most powerful and cost-efficient set of integrated solutions, helping to optimize their most important Web pages and transactions and meet end-users’ expectations for speed and quality.”

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