Oracle Coherence 3.5 With Weblogic & Fault Auto-Detect Features

Oracle has released Coherence 3.5 with tera-scale support to in-memory data grids through configurable off-heap storage. This new version introduces Coherence Guardian, a safeguard that automatically detects and corrects service disruptions.

Oracle Coherence 3.5 provides native integration with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle WebLogic Portal, dramatically boosting the performance and scalability of applications deployed on these products. In addition, Oracle Coherence 3.5 also includes a significant performance boost in the Coherence Web session management module.

“The Coherence tera-scale capability enables applications to work with massive data sets in-memory, while simultaneously simplifying the infrastructure of the data grid. Finally, the Guardian is a revolutionary technology for detecting faults within applications and infrastructure, and helping ensure that those faults do not affect the availability of the overall system.” said Cameron Purdy, vice president of Development, Oracle.

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