Java Conference – Call For Papers

The 4th Conference On Java Technology is scheduled for 11 – 12 Dec 2009 and will be held in Pune, India. The call for papers is now open.

The conference is scheduled for a most interesting time in the history of Java. While Java today is being used more widely than ever before, there are also a number of questions that are being asked of Java. Like with the stock markets where there are many experts theorizing and predicting but no one really knows; similarly I doubt if anyone really has a clue as to what lies in the future of Java.

Below are just some of the questions being asked of Java today. The answers to most are rather nebulous.

  • How will the new dynamic languages affect Java?
  • Will Java survive and thrive post Oracle’s acquisition on Sun?
  • Has Java stagnated? Where’s the next big thing in Java?
  • Will the Java platform continue to thrive while the language will get irrelevant?
  • Will the cloud computing and virtualization wave have a major impact on Java?
  • Is JavaFX or Flex the way to go for RIA?
  • Are Groovy & Grails the Java platform’s answer to dynamic languages?
  • What’s happening with Agile Java development?
  • What’s new from the Spring stable?
  • Is JSF still the way to develop the frontend?
  • How do I optimize the performance of my super web 2 – social application?
  • Will the growing complexity of Java apps lead to issues when I try to scale the app.
  • Is there a silver bullet solution for performance and scaling of enterprise apps?

Do you know the answers? If yes, submit your proposal and present at the conference. Share & Learn. If not, enroll for event updates and we will keep you updated and also let you know of the early bird discounts.

The conference is where we get the top experts talking and discussing the future of Java and software development as such. Inline with where Java is today, we have “Turning The Corner” as the theme for conference 09.

Harshad Oak

Harshad Oak is the founder of Rightrix Solutions & IndicThreads. He is the author of 3 books and several articles on Java technology. For his contributions to technology and the community, he has been recognized as an Oracle ACE Director and a Sun Java Champion. Contact - harshad aT rightrix doT com & @HarshadOak

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