Terracotta Buys Ehcache, Now Has World’s Largest Caching Deployment Footprint

Terracotta, a provider of infrastructure software for enterprise Java scalability, today announced the purchase of Ehcache. Ehcache is a widely-used Java caching solution, with enterprise production deployments numbering in the hundreds of thousands, including the vast majority of the Global 1000. Ehcache also ships as a component within many other Java products, including Hibernate ORM, Spring Framework, Alfresco CMS and Liferay portal.

Enterprises are struggling with application scalability issues, and although cloud computing answers some of these challenges, the applications in the cloud are still coupled to a data layer that does not scale. The combination of Terracotta and Ehcache enables enterprises to simultaneously scale both their applications and data to realize the true value of cloud infrastructures.

“We are jointly deployed with Ehcache by more than half of our customers, so combining the two companies to offer seamless product integration made a lot of sense,” said Amit Pandey, CEO of Terracotta. “The combined team’s engineering prowess and ubiquitous market presence make Terracotta the clear leader in building next-generation distributed caches and other in-memory data management solutions that enterprises need to simplify application scale-out.”

“Ehcache’s proven deployment track record combined with the enterprise scalability of Terracotta creates a new caching powerhouse,” said Greg Luck of Ehcache. “Both the Ehcache and Terracotta communities will benefit. The Ehcache community will get accelerated development of new Ehcache features which will provide a comprehensive, standards-based caching solution for existing and upcoming performance challenges. Terracotta community members will have a seamless, single-vendor experience with easy access to a rich and robust caching solution that scales with their businesses.”

“The acquisition by Terracotta of Ehcache, widely deployed in every geography, gives customers an expanded array of solutions for enterprise Java application performance and scalability limitations,” said Anne MacFarland, director of information solutions at the Clipper Group, Inc. “As an integrated product set, they will be able to deliver scalable database alternatives that are needed to fully realize the promise of cloud computing.”

Terracotta is committed to maintaining the Ehcache community and plans to retain availability of Ehcache as an open source product under the Apache 2 license. Ehcache will remain available for download at its current location at http://ehcache.sourceforge.net, in the Maven central repository, as well as at its new home at http://ehcache.org. Planned integration of the products in the near term will focus on enabling Ehcache users to easily add enterprise availability, reliability and data integrity capabilities through the Terracotta Server Array.

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