M2Java Workbench for Agile & Model Driven Java Application Generation Released

No Magic & Blu Age have released M2Java, that claims to be a next-generation software development tool that automatically generates Java programming code from UML business models. M2Java combines Model Driven technologies – MagicDraw’s UML Modeler and the Blu Age automatic application Generator. It is built on Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo), and bundled with MagicDraw’s UML modeling tool, to offer an integrated environment for UML models’ elaboration, execution and automated transformation into Java SOA applications. With M2Java, software developers and business analysts can dramatically improve their productivity and agility.

The BLU AGE suite of products provides an agile, model-driven workbench for legacy modernization and application generation. MDA compliant and built-on the Eclipse IDE, BLU AGE automates Java EE and .Net software developments, and enables the use of Agile Development Methods. BLU AGE integrates with MagicDraw UML, and transforms business requirements with UML2 diagrams and XHTML mock-ups, into SOA applications.

MagicDraw is a UML modeling tool and is part of No Magic’s Cameo Suite of Products. Designed for business and software analysts, chief scientists, programmers, QA engineers, and documentation writers, this development platform facilitates analysis and design of Object-Oriented systems and databases. With No Magic’s active participation in OMG, the company’s product lines are the most standards-compliant in the industry, so as to ensure that corporate enterprises have tool interoperability and data portability across disparate tools and platforms.

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