Sun & Oracle Assure Users Of Survival & Growth Of Java & Other Sun Technologies

Oracle & Sun are leveraging Oracle Openworld 2009 to reassure customers and users of Sun technologies like Java, Solaris & Sparc.

Sun Microsystems Chairman Scott McNealy and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison promised that Sun technologies will not disappear if Oracle’s planned acquisition of Sun goes through, according to a Developer_World report. Combining the two companies’ research and development budget presents “one of the great R&D opportunities of all time,” said McNealy, adding, “You look at the core technologies that we’re developing: They’re going to find a nice home in this next chapter.”

Customers of Sun Microsystems, shouldn’t fear the pending acquisition by Oracle Corp. (ORCL), Sun’s founder and Chairman, Scott McNealy, said Sunday.

High-profile Sun executives and technologists, including John Fowler, a senior server executive, and James Gosling, who created the original design for Java, discussed the benefits of running Oracle’s software on Sun’s operating systems and processors.

src- wall street journal

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