Oracle Releases Java Development Tool for Blackberry & Windows Mobile Applications

Oracle Application Development Framework has been extended to support BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms.  Oracle has announced a developer preview of the new Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile Client.

The latest addition to Oracle’s Java development toolkit, Oracle ADF Mobile Client, enables developers to extend their enterprise applications onto mobile devices. Because Oracle ADF Mobile Client is Java-based, developers can build once and deploy to multiple devices, including BlackBerry smartphones and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, helping to increase developer productivity while reducing time-to-market for new applications.

In addition to enabling developers to use existing Oracle ADF skills and code to build native mobile user interfaces, Oracle ADF Mobile Client also provides built-in security and database synchronization services to manage data distribution and reconciliation with mobile applications.

The addition of Oracle ADF Mobile Client extends mobile device development to enterprise application developers. The design time environment for Oracle ADF Mobile Client is the Oracle JDeveloper IDE.  Key features of Oracle ADF Mobile Client include: Support for disconnected access to enterprise applications from mobile devices; Mobile application rendering in the native look-and-feel of each device; & Integration with on-device services such as calendar, contacts and peripherals.

Ted Farrell, Oracle Tools and Middleware Chief Architect and Senior Vice President says “With Oracle ADF Mobile Client, developers can write their applications once and deploy on multiple mobile platforms, saving time and allowing them to focus on building better applications.”

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