IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE Launches Free & Open Source Community Edition

JetBrains has announced the first Public Preview of the free Community Edition of IntelliJ IDEA. Starting with the upcoming version 9.0, IntelliJ IDEA will be offered in two editions: Community Edition, free and open-source, and Ultimate Edition. The Community Edition is expected to remove the barrier to a wider use of IntelliJ IDEA for pure Java development — its price tag. This edition is not only free, but is fully open-sourced.

Community Edition — the choice for those working on pure Java/Groovy applications, or doing Swing development. It has all the crown jewels of IntelliJ IDEA, including various refactorings and code inspections, coding assistance, debugging, TestNG and JUnit testing; CVS, Subversion and Git support, as well as Ant and Maven build integration.

Ultimate Edition — a full-featured commercial IntelliJ IDEA with the complete set of web and enterprise development tools, traditionally providing top-quality support for the most important modern technologies and frameworks.

The new features of version 9 include:

  • Java EE 6, with JSF 2.0, JPA 2.0, Servlets 3.0, Bean validation, etc.
  • Android, Google App Engine, GWT
  • Adobe AIR, FlexUnit
  • JavaScript refactorings and debugging
  • Tapestry, OSGi
  • PHP, and more…

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