NetBeans 6.8 Becomes The First IDE With Support For Entire JavaEE 6 Spec

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta claims to be the first IDE to offer support for the entire Java EE 6 spec. 6.8 highlights include support for JSF 2.0/Facelets, Java Persistence 2.0, EJB 3.1 including using EJBs in web applications, RESTful web services, and GlassFish v3.

The IDE’s integration with Project Kenai, a collaborative environment for hosting open-source projects, now offers full support for JIRA and improved instant messenger and issue tracker integration. PHP support has been extended to include the Symfony framework and PHP 5.3. The release also supports the JavaFX SDK 1.2.1, and comes with added features to the IDE’s Maven and database integration, and improvements to the editor and tools for Ruby, Groovy, and C/C++ projects. NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese, as well as in several community-translated languages.

Release Highlights:

  • Java Enterprise Edition 6
    JavaServer Faces 2.0 for web interfaces and the ability to use EJBs in web applications, Java Persistence JPA 2.0 and RESTful web services support, Broader use of annotations instead of deployment descriptors, Deployment, debugging and profiling with GlassFish v3
  • JavaServer Faces 2.0 (Facelets)
    Code completion, error hints, namespace completion, documentation popups, and tag auto-import for Facelets, Editor support for Facelets libraries, composite components, expression language
  • JavaFX
    Support for JavaFX SDK 1.2.1, Improved navigation, code completion, and hints
  • PHP
    Full PHP 5.3 support, Symfony Framework support
  • Connected Developer
    Full JIRA support, Improved issue tracker integration
  • Maven
    Improved support for Java EE 6, Groovy, Scala projects, Customizable dependency exclusion in dependency graph
  • Ruby
    Support for JRuby 1.3.1, Ruby 1.9 debugging, and RSpec 1.2.7, Improved rename refactoring, type inference, and navigation
  • C/C++
    Profiling: New tools for I/O Monitoring, Thread Analysis and Race Detection, Faster synchronization during remote development

The final release of NetBeans IDE 6.8 is planned for December 2009.


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