JavaEE 6 Gets JCP Approval – Final Implentations To Release Shortly

Java Enterprise Edition (JavaEE) 6 has been approved by the official Java standards body.

The official specification for Java EE 6, Java Specification Request 316 filed way back in July 2007, has received final approval late-Monday evening by the Java Community Process’s Executive Committee for SE/EE.

The Apache Software Foundation’s vote was the only negative vote in the poll for JSR 316. SAP & Intel abstained from voting while SpringSource did not vote. The voting was controversial with various vendors expressing their displeasure with the JCP process & licence terms.

You can download the final draft of JSR-000316 Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6.  An implementation of the specification is said to follow from Sun Microsystems in about two weeks. You can currently find GlassFish and Java EE 6 SDK Previews on Sun’s JavaEE site.

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