Google Chrome Browser For Linux & Macintosh Released

Google Chrome web browser was released for Windows in Sep 08. Google today has released beta versions of Chrome browser for Linux & Macintosh.

The Google mail announcing the Linux version of Chrome stated the following factcs on Google Chrome for Linux:
* 60,000 lines of Linux-specific code written
* 23 developer builds
* 2,713 Linux-specific bugs fixed
* 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Linux code base, 48 external code contributors

Google’s design goals for Chrome, which represents the foundation of the company’s forthcoming Chrome OS, remain focused on speed, stability, and security… Since its launch for Windows computers in September 2008, Google Chrome has achieved a 5.1% global share of the browser market and surpassed Apple’s Safari browser. – src – informationweek

Chrome hasn’t been a raging success as was anticipated and all other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera have managed to stand their ground and compete on features & speed. However Chrome’s availability on Mac & Linux is certain to add significantly to it’s market share.

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