Green IndicThreads Conference On Java 09

IndicThreads_sapling_giftGo Green Initiative @ the 4th IndicThreads Conference On Java 09 that starts on this Friday in Pune, India, brings several novel ideas aimed at promoting a green & eco-friendly ethic.

We were deliberating on which social initiative to take up at conference 09 and that’s when the unseasonal rains & cyclone struck Maharashtra, highlighting how human exploitation is hurting the environment. Being avid nature lovers ourselves, we took no time in deciding on Green IT & Green Lifestyle as the social initiative at conference 09.

The conference theme “Turning The Corner” is supposed to be a statement on the state of Java technology today. However it looks like ‘Turning The Corner’ is applying just as much to our weather. Our green initiatives encourage everyone to do their bit to reduce pollution & work towards a greener tomorrow.

The green initiatives at the conference are

  1. Green IT Bicycle Challenge
    Green IT is about using Information technology and associated devices efficiently and effectively with minimal impact on the environment. Participants in the Green IT Quiz stand to win a cool bicycle. Though our lives are hectic and cities clogged with traffic, cycles are still a wonderful way to exercise, enjoy the city streets and do our bit for the environment. Enter The Green IT Challenge.
  2. Walk the Talk
    The conference encourages delegates to walk, cycle, car pool or use public transport to get to the conference. Each participant who does that, gets a cool goodie bag from IndicThreads.
  3. Plant a Tree
    The conference this year, in association with a prominent Pune NGO would give away free saplings of native Indian trees to all delegates. Delegates can collect a free sapling at the conference and plant it in their housing society or office premises.
  4. Eco-Awareness
    The conference will have awareness posters put up to raise awareness on environmental matters such as garbage segregation and reducing plastic usage.
  5. Nature Trail
    The day after the conference, delegates can choose to head out on a nature trail in a forest near Pune, where they can experience nature first hand. Besides enjoying the cool environs of nature, delegates can also take this opportunity to network beyond the conference.

We solicit your participation & support for the Go Green Drive at conference 2009. Let’s Go Green –

Harshad Oak

Harshad Oak is the founder of Rightrix Solutions & IndicThreads. He is the author of 3 books and several articles on Java technology. For his contributions to technology and the community, he has been recognized as an Oracle ACE Director and a Sun Java Champion. Contact - harshad aT rightrix doT com & @HarshadOak

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