Appmarq To Be World’s First Software Quality Benchmarking Database

CAST has announced Appamarq which is claimed to be the software industry’s first application quality benchmarking repository. Designed to help organizations manage their application software quality to reach both operational and business goals, the Appmarq database contains software quality statistics, trend data and best practices collected from a number of industry sectors and geographies.

The quality of an application can impact everything from employee productivity to customer service. Appmarq is the first benchmarking repository that helps organizations improve IT risk management practices. By comparing their software quality against a specific industry, Appmarq provides organizations with valuable insight into how an application’s performance, or lack of performance, is impacting bottom-line results. This enables users to ensure the success of existing applications, reduce IT costs and improve productivity.

With data generated directly from the source code using CAST’s sophisticated quality-measurement algorithms, Appmarq is not survey-based and requires no human input. This makes Appmarq the industry’s only objective and most precise software quality benchmarking database.

“Appmarq is filling a large void in the software applications industry, providing organizations with actionable data on internal software quality and its impact on productivity across the business landscape,” said Olivier Bonsignour, vice president of product development at CAST. “With Appmarq data, organizations can set and measure goals, identify improvement opportunities, monitor vendor performance and clearly demonstrate an application’s value to the business.”

Appmarq data will also be used in collaboration with organizations like Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and Object Management Group (OMG) to publish benchmarking reports featuring key insights and trends on the quality of business IT software.

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