Oracle-Sun Say Report On Oracle Cutting Half The Jobs At Sun Is Untrue

Bloomberg reported that San Francisco-based analyst Brent Thill has predicted that Oracle is likely to cut half the jobs at Sun. This was widely reported across all tech publications, causing quite a flutter . However Sun today in an internal memo has got back saying –

Oracle has asked me to assure Sun employees that this report is absolutely untrue. It is regrettable that an analyst can be so irresponsible without any facts.

Please dismiss these reports as they are not based on any information that Oracle has provided.

While the analyst’s prediction doesn’t seem far fetched, why so much fuss over just a prediction is unknown.

Sun dumped 3,000 workers in October. Back in November 2008, it announced plans to drop 5,000 to 6,000 workers. At the time, it had around 33,400 workers – that was of course after the 3,700 it sliced in August 2007. In mid 2006, it had 37,500 staff – still a big drop on its workforce at its dot com peak, when it was neared 50,000.

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