Oracle Releases Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g Set Of Free Plugins For Eclipse

Oracle today released Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g, a free set of plug-ins that enable developers to build Java EE and Web Services applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform. It supports development with technologies including Database, Java SE, Java EE, Web Services, XML, and the Spring Framework.

This release delivers a significant vendor provided extension to Eclipse with unique Oracle WebLogic Server features, WYSIWYG Web page editing, SCA support, JAX-WS Web Service validation, an integrated tag and data palette, and smart editors.

Also new with this release is Oracle’s AppXRay feature, a design time dependency analysis and visualization tool that makes it easy for Java developers to work in a team setting, greatly reduce runtime debugging, and improve code quality. The new features in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g allow Oracle WebLogic Server developers to significantly reduce the number of code cycles and increase code quality by catching errors at design time.

“With the new AppXRay feature, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse provides a means to easily visualize the complex dependencies of your application, resulting in higher quality code and faster development time. Innovations, such as AppXRay, underline Oracle’s continued commitment to provide tools and frameworks to enable developers to build, test and optimize Java and open source applications,” said Ted Farrell, chief architect and senior vice president Tools and Middleware, Oracle.

The release debuts major enhancements in Java Web application development, including:

  • AppXRay: provides a visual understanding of dependencies, helping developers examine and understand an application quickly — resulting in fewer design flaws and more streamlined development. AppXRay also reports dependencies “as-you-type,” not only providing code completion for attributes and values, but validating in real time against dependencies throughout the entire application including Java code, JSP, JSF and JSTL. This holistic view helps to catch dependency issues early in the development cycle rather than relying on runtime debugging to detect issues, a common occurrence when working in large teams.
  • WYSIWYG Web page development: enables developers, in the design view, to see the effects of user interface changes without the need to re-deploy.
  • Oracle WebLogic Server SCA support: provides Oracle WebLogic Server and SCA developers with Eclipse tooling that will help them define a server and easily configure WebLogic SCA libraries and metadata.
  • JAX-WS Web Service validation: helps find errors and conflicts in Java Web Service annotations that could easily be missed by the developer.
  • Oracle WebLogic Server JMS deployment descriptor editor: helps simplify and streamline authoring of JMS configuration files.
  • FastSwap support: enables WebLogic developers to leverage FastSwap support in combination with AppXRay to allow changes to Java classes without requiring re-deployment, also reducing the amount of time spent deploying/re-deploying an application.

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