Electric Cloud Adds Electrify For Parallel Processing

Electric Cloud has expanded ElectricAccelerator to now include Electrify, a feature that provides parallel processing for virtually any software production task, and subbuild technology, which helps developers avoid unnecessary builds altogether.

“Our goal is to remove the bottlenecks in software production wherever they exist,” said Mike Maciag, CEO of Electric Cloud. “ElectricAccelerator speeds Make, NMAKE, Visual Studio and Ant builds by 10-20x. With Electrify we are broadening the technology to enable these benefits for virtually any compute-intensive development task.”

ElectricAccelerator uses patented technology to safely speed development tasks by running them in parallel on private or public compute clouds. ElectricAccelerator 5.0 brings the benefits of parallelization it first applied to software builds to a variety of new development tools and tasks. Its Electrify feature lets developers use parallel processing to improve the performance of many software production tools and tasks.

In addition to now supporting build tools like MSBuild, SCons and homegrown systems, Electrify creates an all-purpose private compute cloud. Developers can apply the power of parallel computing to new tasks like parallel testing or data modeling, and they can do it at their desktop, in a private cloud or on a dedicated server.

ElectricAccelerator 5.0 also adds subbuilds, allowing developers avoid unnecessary work by automatically reducing a build to the smallest subset of critical changes. Its subbuild technology identifies and builds only the components that are essential to a developer’s current focus. The result is fewer broken builds and the ability to compile and test frequently without affecting the rest of the team. Subbuilds are also part of Electric Cloud’s free developer build tool, SparkBuild, available for download at .

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