Altova’s Provides Native 64-bit Versions of all Altova MissionKit tools

Altova has released Version 2010 Release 2 (v2010r2) of the Altova MissionKit, an integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. Version 2010 Release 2 provides users with new, native 64-bit versions of all Altova MissionKit tools to take advantage of the benefits delivered by 64-bit operating systems and to reduce the limitations associated with working with files sized 100-200 MB and larger*.

Other key performance optimizations present in both 32- and 64-bit product versions include faster file loading times, quicker XML Schema-based validation, and more. The release of v2010r2 also delivers powerful usability features, including support for Microsoft® SharePoint® Server in XMLSpy, support for the latest UML version, 2.3, in UModel®, support for IBM® iSeries 6.1 across all database-enabled tools, and much more.

“Many software developers are running up against the memory limitation inherent in all 32-bit applications. At the same time, XML files are getting larger and larger as organizations capture and encode more data in XML than ever before, and people are increasingly hitting the limitations of their development tools,” said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. “With the release of Version 2010r2, we’re helping to reduce the limitations development teams are facing when working with extremely large XML files. We’ve addressed this both by adding 64-bit versions of our tools, and by delivering many new performance enhancing features in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the MissionKit 2010 Release 2.”

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