Hobo, Rapid Web App Builder for Ruby on Rails Releases Version 1.0

Hobo is an open source rapid development toolkit for Ruby on Rails, which claims to help developers build anything from throwaway prototypes to meticulously crafted full-blown web apps in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional tools. Hobo has now officially reached Version 1.0 after three years of focused development effort.

“We’re over the moon with the launch of Hobo 1.0”, says Tom Locke, creator of Hobo, “The community has been fantastic, and we are particularly pleased to see just how many developers are now using Hobo for their Rails projects around the world.”

Some of the key changes:

a) Super polished model-based UI now requires very little customization for general use. Developers of small apps can now be up and running with their working application in minutes.

b) Built-in sophisticated migration generator. No more writing migrations, Hobo does it all for you with one simple command, including automatic index generation. And it’s all DB agnostic. You get the fast development cycle of the new ‘schema-less’ databases, without abandoning the database you already know.

c) Hobo’s ‘lifecyles’ make it super easy to implement multi-step processes such as friending in social apps. This is Hobo’s answer to the popular state-machine plugins. Rather than just a model extension, we provide the full stack including an automatic, customisable UI. Very common lifecycles like ‘forgot password’ and ‘activate account by email’ are either baked-in or available as easy to follow recipes.

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