Web Security Dojo Releases Version v1.0 – Available For Free

Web Security Dojo is a web application security lab with tools, targets, and training materials built into a Virtual Machine(VM). It is an open source project built on Ubuntu and hosted at SourceForge. It is available in three flavors: a Virtualbox VM, VMWare VM, and a build script which can be used on a standard Ubuntu 9.10 install to produce the Dojo. It is available free of cost.

Targets: * OWASP WebGoat, * Damn Vulnerable Web App, * Hacme Casino, * OWASP InsecureWebApp, * custom PHP scripts including REST and JSON labs
Tools: * Burp Suite (free version), * w3af, * OWASP Skavenger, * OWASP Dirbuster, * Paros, * Webscarab, * Ratproxy, * sqlmap, * helpful Firefox add-ons

For a quick start grab the VM and read the included Readme file and/or watch the intro video

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