Groovy & Grails Scripting For Web Applications – Session Video

Dynamic scripting languages are a powerful addition to a software designer’s toolbox. Rails/Ruby and Python have not gained much acceptance in the enterprise. Grails and Groovy are an attempt to bridge the gap between the modern scripting world and the Enterprise Java world. This talk is an introduction towards building web applications in Grails.

First we will go about creating a REST based webservice. We will also show how to replace the default database backend of Grails with MySQL. We will then build a web application that consumes this webservice. The emphasis will be on the design patterns and idioms in Grails that address the web application development lifecycle.

Speaker – Rohit Nayak has over 18 years experience in software development, systems analysis and design. He has over ten years of solid Internet and E-commerce experience. He has been technical and project leadership positions with interaction with clients for consulting, requirements analysis and software specification.He is now into mobile application development building iPhone and Android applications and is playing a consulting architect in several web based applications.Rohit has a B-Tech (EE) from IIT Bombay and an M-Tech (EE) from IIT Madras.

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